The future of therapeutic
RNA silencing

1E Therapeutics is a breakthrough drug development company,
creating a novel class of programmable oligonucleotide therapeutics,
designed to treat humanity’s most intractable diseases by autonomously and precisely
silencing disease-causing RNAs in human or pathogen cells

Unique biology.
Differentiated by design.

1E's groundbreaking, patented platform is uniquely able to create safer and more targeted therapies that address chronic and life-threatening indications as well as emerging and evolving pathogens

A single platform addressing a wide array of indications

Genetically driven diseases

Cancer, ALS, Huntington’s
disease, Angelman syndrome

Infectious diseases

Multidrug resistant bacteria
(e.g., MRSA, Pseudomonas,
Klebsiella), RSV

Chronic diseases

CNS disorders, age-related
disorders, metabolic diseases

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